Here you will find crafts with original, exclusive and handcrafted designs.

If you have an original idea about how to create a piggy bank, we will personalize them exclusively for you.

OINK® is art craft from a Costa Rican designer and a trademark with property of all its products. Our catalog amounts to 400 designs.

Oink® is an exclusive, handcrafted  

Costa Rican product. 

OINK® is a piggy designed to help you save money and fill every spot with art, in a fun and original style.

These piggy banks, full of details and finishing touches, incorporate the best device to take out your savings.
 OINK® include a rubber plug, so you will never need to break them.

OINK® becomes a perfect gift to surprise that special one, adapting its design to the interest and desires of each one of the future owners.

Children will be engaged to be part of a savings culture in a fun way and adults will enjoy them by admiring their piggy bank as a thematic decoration.